Welcome to my website where you will find information on projects past and future. My current project is “Writer’s Cramp,” which premiered at the Maryland International Film Festival on Friday, March 27.

"Writer's Cramp" is a smart comedy caper about a couple of labor fakers who will do pretty much anything to pursue their creative dreams while avoiding anything that resembles work. I play Scott–a passive-aggressive co-conspirator who discovers just how thin the fine line between reality and fantasy can be drawn.

If you enjoy clever mysteries (such as Clue, Deathtrap, and Murder by Death) and Zany Character Driven Comedies full of plot twists, you’ll love "Writer’s Cramp." Check it out here on IMDB as well.

Also, "Algorithm" just started streaming a couple of months ago. Its a terse hacker thriller set in San Francisco that is very relevant in light of Snowden's revelations. I play one of the hackers set on liberating information.

–Raphael Barker


I was conceived in Israel, born in Ireland, did ballet and gymnastics as a kid and dropped the cello I was training on because it was the size of my body.

I lived in both Spain and Italy, sang in a few bands, enjoy dj-ing (soundcloud), snap pictures, and obsess over film. I'm enjoying slowly becoming more of myself. What about you?



WRITER’S CRAMP Facebook || Official Site
A couple of years ago, I auditioned for a role in "Writer’s Cramp"–a comedy feature film shot in the Bay Area. I was cast as the male lead. After eight days of shooting we produced a trailer, which helped us raise over 50K on Kickstarter. The film was shot between June and Dec. of 2012 and is now in Post Production. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for production photos, and to hear about our progress.

SHORTBUS Amazon || Netflix
The creative itch came back after a couple years of working in the psych field and I auditioned for John Cameron Mitchel’s (of Rabbithole and Hedwig and The Angry Inch fame) new project. Cameron’s “Sex Film Project” became SHORTBUS, and I became an ensemble lead. This, as you can imagine, was an experience like no other.

Soon after SHORTBUS wrapped, I flew back to Colorado to shoot Michael Brody’s DOCUMENT, a charming film about a couple of guys from a small town trying their luck at breaking into filmmaking in LA. My love interest is played by Melinda Smart of Burning Opera fame.

THE STRANGER IN US Amazon || Trailer
Directed by San Francisco State film teacher Scott Boswell, this film was inspired by true events. I found personal inspiration from my own journey of moving to San Francisco to follow my love, only to have it blow up in my face. This film was based on true events and was shot in under two weeks in the tenderloin district of San Francisco.

Another locally made film about, well, the title tells all. I played a fabulous hair and make up stylist on a zombie film set who, well, gets it bad from a drug addicted... ah... neighbor. My death scene is epic. Unfortunately, this film may never see the light of day. If it does, you’ll read about it first right here!

I shot this film soon after "The Stranger In Us." It's an odyssey about a young hustler who's trapped in a San Francisco apartment complex and has to face both his own demons and those of others as he learns about gay identity and true connection. I play one of the johns from a scene in "The Stranger In Us."



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